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Many everyday human behaviors are performed in a social setting and involve two or more agents coordinating a set of goal directed actions or sub-actions to achieve a shared task goal. Such interpersonal coordination occurs when co-workers pass or move objects together along an assembly line or a group of friends or family members clear a table or load a dishwasher together. In these situations, cooperating individuals behave as a single, synergistic unit, with their actions and behaviors often coordinated in a self-organized and effortless manner, requiring little or no explicit direction or a priori planning. The objective of this project is to develop and test dynamical (differential equation) models that capture the synergistic coordination and self-organization that occurs between pairs or groups of human agents performing a various array of object moving and passing tasks. The project seeks to advance a new framework for modeling the physical and informational processes that shape and constrain the dynamics of such behavior in humans and then deploy these models in artificial agents (virtual and robotic agents) to create highly robust and mutually responsive coupled human-artificial agent based systems.



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